Posted by: Jay | April 21, 2007

Challenging what you believe

During this past year I have slowly allowed myself to be exposed to critical thinking about my beliefs. I actually have allowed myself to say, “What if it’s all a fabrication?” Though I’m not thoroughly convinced that some conspirator made up LDS doctrine, I do have lingering doubts about certain things. It almost feels like I am caught in the middle of two extremes, those that would tell me I’m becoming an apostate and those that tell me I’m going to hell for staying. Finding someone to have a moderate conversation with becomes a problem because no one wants to struggle, but everyone wants to be right. I suppose some have already wrestled with the issues I now face and have little patience for my questioning attitude, but it is precisely these people that should be able to give the best advise. This blog is in some ways an outlet for the frustration I’m feeling in this void of understanding. If you have had an experience challenging your own beliefs or would like to give advise, please comment.

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