Posted by: Jay | May 8, 2007

Is Mitt Romney the last hope for a pro-life stand?

I have heard a lot of talk about Fred Thompson running for president. Many social conservatives have championed him as the “best choice”. However, in a 1994 he filled out a survey that said he supported legal abortions in the first trimester. You can read about it here. This presents an interesting dilemma for conservative Christians, will they vote for Fred Thompson who in 1994 (maybe he’s changed his mind) wanted legal abortions in the first trimester or do they vote for Mitt Romney the once pro-choice now pro-life Mormon? If Fred Thompson has changed his mind would that make him a “flip floper”? (This post is not an endorsement of Mitt Romney.)



  1. I believe that McCain is pro-life. This latest revelation about Thompson just puts him in the same boat as Romney.

  2. Yes, but do you think the fact that he has been divorced a remarried will hurt him? Personally, it doesn’t concern me much, but I’ve known some Non-LDS folk that think him and all the other candidates that are divorced and remarried are commiting adultery. What is your view of divorce and could you support a candidate that has been divorced?

  3. Also McCain isn’t as pro-life as he’d like us to believe. You should google his views and you’ll find plenty of flip flopping but you’ll be able to see he tells each group what they want to hear.

    Mitt is my choice. He’s a class act, Conservative with innovative ideas and he has the experience to change the way things are done in Washington. Go Mitt!

  4. i’m about as a-political as they come, but i’m curious, why would ANY candidate be the *last hope* for anything?

    as long as people are willing to hold onto hope, to fight for hope, there will be hope.

    and this is why i am a-political. because in the end issues don’t mean squat. as jayleen points out about mcCain, there’s alot of flip-floppery out there

    in the end, it’s all little more than drama & misdirection

  5. A conservative candidate could be the last chance to appoint conservative, constitutional judges. Our country is hanging by a thread between being led by the constitution the way it was set up or turning into a judicially led country… the few appointed ruling all.

    It may seem like drama, but there are many predictions concerning the last days in The Bible and Book of Mormon and it’s about whose side this country stands on as to whether or not we get swept away prior to the coming of Christ.

    With nuclear proliferation in the sickest of hands we are indeed standing of the brink of that final war that will turn the deserts of sand to melted glass. Revelation…

    While the Church does not endorse any candidate, they strongly encourage us to be political and vote. And the prophesies for this country show if we choose as a country one path, it will be our destruction, if we choose the other, we may avoid it.

  6. erm, i’m pretty sure we’ve been a monarchy of some sort for at least the last 2 decades with the occasional peacenik thrown in every now and again to keep the masses from suspecting.


    i know apathy on such a collossal level must be annoying to people who care, so maybe i shouldn’t even comment on posts like this.

    when it becomes unbearable, i’ve got my route to Sydney all mapped out.

    for me it’s either that or a shack full of guns in the mountains

  7. Bahaman,
    I have definitely had similar thoughts as you. I used to think that if Republicans ran everything the world would be a better place. Well, they proved me wrong! Republicans are no better than Democrats when it comes to running this country. They throw their base a bone every once in awhile and then do whatever they want. However, I do agree with jayleen that voting is important; I just have a slightly different view now.

    I used to think it was best to vote for the guy that had the best chance of winning, but from now on I will vote my conscience no matter if he/she has a chance of winning or not. This way I’m still participating, but I can feel good about it.

  8. ah, i am afraid i stopped believing in the voting process the minute it was fully explained to me in jr high civics.

    i have never voted in a united states election and i never will.

    likewise, i also never complain about the man in office, no matter how big a *** he is

  9. I believe that everyone can have a “Road to Damascus” moment, I know that I sure did. And personal lives (including marriages and legalistic underwear) don’t concern me in the least. I’ve known [ostensible] Christian leaders (priests & clergy) who have voted for people who condone and support federal funding for abortions. That is when I STOPPED being a one-issue voter…and for the record, in 1994, I was a HUGE advocate of first trimester abortions. Why? Because I was a deceived idiot and too lazy to find out for myself…then I had an ultrasound and it absolutely changed my life.

    No candidate is perfect. Far as I know, only one man who ever walked this earth was…I like Fred Thompson. He’s far from perfect, but I think he says what he thinks which is quite refreshing. Plus, I think he can beat the second, more dangerous half of the two-headed beast. Romney? Used car salesman. McCain? Lose Cannon. Guiliani? Democrat.

    Food For thought.

  10. I’m having problems having my comments show up–they are disappearing. Let me split my comment up into several sections, and see if that helps.


    You know what I think is crazy? People’s obsession with candidates keeping the same opinion and the same views for 20 years at a time. Let’s have a pretend moment (since this is a Mormon site, I can say this) and pretend that Ann Smith got baptized when she was 25 and became a Mormon. But before she got baptized, she was a strong anti-Mormon because she thought the Mormons were the devil.

  11. Great, that showed up. Let me try the next section:

    When she realizes that she’s wrong, and she ends up getting baptized and becoming Mormon because she now knows that the LDS Church is not run by the devil and is in fact the true church, does that mean that everyone in her ward should ostracize her and push her away, because once she was an anti-Mormon? Heck no! The ward should pull the girl in, make her feel welcome, and love her, because she’s changed and grown and now holds a different position than she did before.

  12. We consider that “growth” and “being converted” and “seeing the truth way.” How is Romney’s change on the abortion issue any different? First we tell people that they should become pro-life, and fight for babies and life. Then when they do exactly what we wanted them to (ie, convert and become strong advocates for life) we lambast ’em for it!!!!! It makes no sense to me.

    Mitt Romney served as a bishop and as a stake president. Do you honestly believe that he could serve in those capacities if he was counseling young women to get abortions? No. There is no way that the Church would allow that. So when he says that he was always personally pro-life and that when asked for guidance and help from young, pregnant girls that he always told them to carry the baby and put it up for adoption, you know he isn’t lying. That was his job as bishop and stake president. I see absolutely no reason to believe that Romney was anything but pro-life personally, because all of the evidence points that direction.

  13. He was pro-choice when it came to government involvement, however, and the reasons there are two-fold: His mother was pro-choice when it came to the government (same as Mitt – personally pro-life, pro-choice in government issues.) His mother ran for the senate and lost, and she ran on a pro-choice ticket. She was heavily involved in politics, and so her influence would be rather large on her son.

    Second reason: He lost a cousin because she couldn’t receive an abortion in an abortion clinic, and so she died when she had the ole coat hanger approach tried on her. He knew that if his cousin had been able to get an abortion at a clinic instead of a back alley, she wouldn’t have died. That made a big impact on him. He was pro-choice in regards to the government’s involvement.

  14. Then came the stem-cell research debate in Massachusetts. He was governor when this debate came up – absolutely *huge* in Massachusetts. He went to a facility where a Harvard scientist was showing him the embryos that had been harvested and created. In this research, they create the embryos (which is the first stage of a baby, and if it were in a mother’s body, that embryo would grow up to be a child just like every other baby) and then do research on the embryos. Then they kill them. The Harvard scientist reassured Mitt, “Don’t worry, we kill them within three weeks.” Mitt looked at his assistant, and they both turned and walked out. He realized right then what Roe vs Wade had done to this country. He wrote a letter to the local newspaper the very next morning decrying abortion and embryo stem cell research, saying that he was wrong previously, and he knew that now.

    He was converted. And yet what does the right do? “We tried to show you how you should think, and finally listened to us, so now we’re mad because you’re a flip-flopper.” Where is the logic in that? There is none.

  15. Sorry that this is so very, very long and that I had to break it up like this, but this is obviously something that I believe in very strongly. πŸ˜› It’s causing me problems again and eating my comments, so I’m breaking this up still smaller.

  16. I have my own personal Mitt Romney blog, and I am also going onto Political Vindication’s talk show tonight (they’re a conservative blog, not necessarily for Mitt, although they tend to like Mitt on there.)

  17. If anyone’s interested, here is the page to find more info:

  18. That went off the edge; just try this:

  19. Boy, I have never had to work so hard to post a comment! LOL! Anyway, sorry to have taken over like this–I didn’t mean to, I just wanted to post one (albeit very large) comment, but apparently this site doesn’t like long comments. πŸ˜‰

    Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  20. Hava,
    WOW!!! I’m not sure why you had such a problem leaving one comment. The limit on this blog is 1000 lines per comment (I don’t think you quite made it to that:).

    This post was meant not so much to slam Mitt Romney, but to have a conversation about how Fred Thompson’s views on abortion differ from what they are perceived to be.

    I know Mitt has a lot to offer. It will be interesting to see how he does in the primaries.

  21. akismet has been eating comments outside it’s usual parameters. it ate one of mine that i was posting TO MY OWN SITE!

  22. excellent comment(s) btw

  23. What’s “btw”?

  24. By The Way

  25. what he said

  26. I’ve been having problems with WordPress eating my comments on three different blogs, not just yours, so don’t feel bad. I don’t know why they’ve been doing that lately, but it’s just been in the last week or so, and it’s just been WP blogs.

    Thanks for the compliment on my comments. πŸ™‚ I tend to be rather verbose. I have (obviously) very strong opinions on Mitt, because I’m a huge supporter of his! I wrote a blog about Fred on my blog just this week – I think we’re expecting a whole lot out of a guy who really hasn’t done much in the political arena.

    It’s late so I need to hit the sack, but I hope y’all have a great night!


  27. I hope Fred and Mitt join together to make one fantastic team!

  28. Much information about Mitt has been blown out of proportion. If Mitt had stepped into office and started changing laws to please himself he would have been a dictator. Instead he went around them in the most clever way. It made me laugh to read about how he got around the Liberals in MA. He’s the smartest man I’ve ever seen. His record is long but worth reading. We’re in safe hands with Mitt.

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