Posted by: Jay | May 14, 2007

Families forever a Mormon doctrine?

This weekend I attended my Grandmother’s funeral. She was not LDS. This got me thinking about the LDS teaching that families can be together forever. Some say that they believe they will be together again after this life and they don’t need to be Mormon to make it happen. Others say this is a false teaching and that the Bible clearly states you can only be married for this life and that when you die you are merely an angel without any right to family ties. Is an eternal family a Christian teaching? Are there scriptures that back it up? What do non-LDS Christians think will happen to their family unit after this life is over? What happens to us? I’m not clear what the afterlife holds in the view of non-LDS Christians.


  1. Genesis 2:24,25
    Genesis 3:8

    They were husband and wife before the fall… this tells me marriage and family is of an eternal nature.

    Some churches I attended think we’ll be clothed in white, receive a harp and spend eternity sitting on a cloud playing the harp.

    Others think that instead of a harp we are given a palm leaf to wave for eternity.

    Some think we lose our ‘gender’ when we are resurrected and have no need of ‘families’ as we know them.

    Some shudder to think they will be ‘stuck’ with their families for eternity.

    One really sweet Christian lady I know (who loves Jesus as best she knows Him) described God as a multi-breasted hermaphrodite… I don’t think she actually realized that is what she described… but there you have it. When I asked her then in what way we are made in God’s image she had no answer… most don’t.

    Others think we will rule and reign with Christ and share in His glory, but somehow do this without being raised to Christ’s level or nature…

    And some believe in theosis… that we become gods. C.S. Lewis said as much in Mere Christianity and many agree, although they don’t seem to understand what that really means.

    Keep in mind that most Christians don’t think angels are pre-mortal or post-mortal people, but creations of God that are totally unlike people. Seperate beings altogether.

    Your question has a thousand answers depending on who you ask.

    I’ll look forward to reading the answers from others… the above are only several of the answers I was given when attending those churches.

  2. We non-LDS Christians. Do not believe that families will be together forever. We actually think that “forever families” is a very limited view of heaven. Why just be with your family? Why not be with everyone? I think the emotional intimacy that my wife and I share with one another is just a shadow of the fellowship that I will have with everyone in Heaven. I will surely know my wife in Heaven and will likely know that we enjoyed a marriage with one another, but we’ll think that it pales in comparison to what is available to us in Heaven.

    Most of all, I’m unconcerned with what my marital status will be because my most important relationship is with Christ. In heaven I will finally be with Him in all his Glory. I can forsake all others (not that I’ll have to) to be with Him.

  3. We Catholic’s believe that man, (both men and women) are born for one purpose and that is to worship God. So our purpose in the family here on earth is to be open to creation (procreation) by bringing about more children to be raised to worship God. This earthly existence is for the purpose to gain our true life in heaven. Our family’s will know each other in Heaven, but we will know each other as the saints (those who have entered Heaven) that we are not as Husband/Wife, Mother/daughter, etc. Peace be with you.

  4. *and then we shall know even as we are known*.

    i believe we will be with (or have access to) our families, but i believe heaven transcends that kind of existence.

    quite frankly (and all joking aside, no matter how funny this sounds) there are some family members i absolutely DO NOT want to spend all eternity with.

    in fact that would suck on so many levels i cannot begin to imagine the scene without fire and brimstone in the background

  5. i am catholic.i doubted and nearly baptized lds, but prayed and came back to the grandma died in dic. she lived with us. i have no doubt, i will be with her in the future. no baptism for the death or whatever, simply cause God cant avoid lovely members of a fam, not being togethers in the other life

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