Posted by: Jay | May 24, 2007

Any advise?

I’ve had this blog for a little over a month now and just recently thought it would be a good idea to get critiques of my site. What are some things that you think could be better? Is it easy to navigate, post responses? Is there anything you would like me to continue, start or stop doing. What do you do to get more people coming to your blog? What are some cool things you have done on your blog? Any topics you would like to see addressed? Is this helping anyone else?



  1. your content is good and your patience with some of your harsher fans is commendable.

    i will offer the same advice to any blackblogger who asks ::

    drop the black-background theme. it’s bloody hard to read. i generally have to highlight an article to get through it without eyestrain.

    your photoblog would be one exception to my anti-blackblog rule. it really makes your pictures pop

  2. I was going to say the same thing about the black blog.

  3. Dang! I really like the black background. However, since both of you have complained about it I’ll look into a different theme. Thanks guys!

  4. Well, I did it! I like this theme too. Although I think I will change the picture at the top with something else. I just need to find the right one:)

  5. Good choice! Much easier to read. The only reason I have my black background one is like Brahnamin said, it sets off my photos.

  6. wow. i can actually read it without highlighting everything.


  7. you might like this HEADER

    i used one of jayleen’s photos to create it, however, so you’ll have to get her permission to publish it on your blog.

  8. click on the image to show full size

  9. I’m glad to see you guys like the change.

  10. What a great Scripture choice Brahnamin! You’re really good at graphics!

    And so nice to me even though I edit your posts on my business site. 😉

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