Posted by: Jay | January 28, 2008

Romney too perfect?

I have to admit, I didn’t think Romney would come so far. I thought, like the now fading Huckabee, he would have trailed off long ago. While he still remains a strong second choice for me, he has a better chance at grabbing the nomination than my first choice (Ron Paul).

A few days ago I was listening to the radio and one caller caught my attention when she exclaimed that she would not be voting for Romney. She was careful to mention that it was not his Mormonism that turned her off, it was that he was too perfect. A handsome man with a good looking wife and kids, never divorced, no scadalous background and an extremely successful businessman to boot. Wow! Someone that good just can’t be right for America, right?  While I acknowledge this persons right to set her own criteria for her vote, I have to admit that this one takes the cake.  At least anti-Mormons have something to complain about (even if it is base on bigotry). This person can find nothing wrong with Romney other than “he’s too perfect”. I bet a lot of politicians (or people) wish they had that problem.

If Romney can manage to take Florida he will be hard to stop. The latest Rasmuesen poll has Romney in first place above McCain (Romney 28% and McCain 26%), making Florida an important state to win. With the two neck and neck (each has about 30%) in the Florida polls it should be an interesting fight tomorrow.  It’s beginning to look like I may end up eating my words when I said that Romney had no chance at winning the nomination.  We’ll know come Super Tuesday!  What are your predictions?  Do you think that with Huckabee gone social conservatives will vote for Romney or do they still not trust him (a position with which I can sympathize).



  1. I’ve been a financial supporter of Mitt Romney ever since he first ran for Governor of Massachusetts. I remember receiving a fundraising letter one time that was written by one of his sons. It talked about how their Dad had planned a workday around the house, and when that day came, it was pouring down rain! Guess what? They had their work day, rain or no rain. In my opinion, Romney is a hard driving, ambitious, perfectionist. (I don’t mean that as a criticism.) I feel that some social conservatives will support him, some will not. I am grateful that leaders such as Albert Mohler have expressed confidence in Romney. If it is a choice between Romney or Clinton–I think that very, very, few conservatives would support Clinton over Romney, even though they might have to be holding their noses inside the voting booth.
    In my opinion, his biggest weakness seems to be in the area of compassion. He’s been “on top” all of his life. I suspect that he may not really understand the common man. I know I myself was put out when he told Larry King that he had never pardoned anyone the whole time he was Governor of Massachusetts. I’m not saying he should pardon murderers or anything, it’s just that, Saddam Hussein used to pardon people during Islamic holidays!! In spite of this, I’m still supporting him, as I believe that he is the best of the conservative candidates.
    On the other hand, if Barack Obama continues to catch fire, then all bets are off. I think that Romney would have a fight on his hands against Obama, and I’m not even going to try to predict what might happen there. This election year is one of the most interesting in years.

  2. I’m a Ron Paul guy too (sigh).
    I like both Romney and McCain though, since they are both very fiscally conservative–and that is the one thing we need right now before the baby-boomers run us into the ground.
    I still think McCain will win, he’ll run with Guilliani and they will run away with the election.
    It’s too bad that Romney couldn’t win just to show the country (for 4 or 8 years) that a Mormon guy isn’t all that bad.

    Good news for conservatives (even given the toxic atmosphere for anything republican these days) is that Hillary is almost certainly going to get her party’s nod (she is up in FL, CA, and other important big Feb 5 states). But she is unelectable in a nationwide race, with her unfavorable numbers above 50%. McCain would trounce her for sure; Romney would have a much harder time of it, but I think he would do it (based on anti-Hillary votes alone). One poll has McCain beating her by 2, but Romney down 16 points on her nationwide–but that is just one early poll. Interestingly though, one CNN poll (again just one, and CNN doesn’t have the best/most balanced polls) showed that 62% of respondents would NOT vote for Romney. I just can’t fathom why his unfavorableness would be that high. It was a higher percentage of would NOT votes than even Hillary. I don’t see how that many people would not like Romney, and that poll worries me, but I haven’t seen it repeated/verified and I shrug it off as an anomaly.

    The interesting thing is who will Hillary choose to run with her? Everyone is jumping off her ship these days. I don’t see Obama stooping to run as veep. Edwards has really ticked off Billary. Maybe Richardson???

    Romney really has surprised though. I thought he would be out of the running a long time ago, but not only is he still in it. He’s the one to beat right now. (Again, I think McCain will get him though.) It’s too bad McCain and Romney don’t get along, because they’d be a great ticket.

  3. In my opinion, his biggest weakness seems to be in the area of compassion.

    I think he is not easy to believe. I watched when he explained how he changed his opinion on abortion. He just plain was not convincing and if he didn’t convince me as a member of his church I think a lot of evangelicals are skeptical too. I think a lot of LDS give him a pass on switch because he shares their religion. If he was another religion I think LDS members would take a closer look at what he said and, more importantly, how he said it. With that said, no one can say he doesn’t say the right things. So you either have to take him at his word (which I am inclined to do) or remain leery of him.

    that is the one thing we need right now before the baby-boomers run us into the ground.

    I’ve been telling my Father (a baby boomer) this for years. It irritates me that his generation is sucking us dry (Social Security, Medicare, Prescription drug plan) and is going to leave behind a big mess for me and my kids to sop up. (BTW, I love me dad:). The prescription drug plan was the last straw for me. When Republicans (remember these are supposed to be the spend less, minimal government type) passed it I was furious. That alone let me know that we had become Democrats. Hopefully, the recovery won’t be too bad, but one thing’s for sure it’s going to take a long time to fix.

    I don’t see how that many people would not like Romney

    I do. I like a lot of things about Romney, but I don’t think he sells himself very well to the conservatives of the Republican party. Except for Mormons who give him a pass, for the most part, because he’s one of their own.

    I don’t think Romney can win against Hillary or Obama. Obama would probably be the stronger opponent for Romney, but I still think Hillary would beat him too. When push comes to shove Democrats will rally behind her and some independents too. Romney on the other hand has alienated the liberals by his switcharoo in Massachusetts and his insults afterwards didn’t help that issue. He has basically guaranteed that no Democrat will vote for him. On the Republican side the social conservatives don’t trust him. I think a good percentage of them would rather kiss a mule hind end than vote for Romney. And any Republican knows that they are fighting against the perception that Republicans got us into a never-ending war and on the verge of a recession. Mind you this is after 8 YEARS in power. People may be asking themselves what will happen if we give them another 4 years to screw things up?

    So that leaves Romney with the fiscal conservatives (and the majority of Mormons) as his only true friends. Now they like Romney, but are there enough of them to out vote the Democrats. I’m not so confident.

    Of course, McCain might win and he would definitely give either Obama or Hillary a run for their money mostly because he is as close to a Democrat that a person can be and still be able to honestly call himself a Republican.

  4. If Romney dropped the LDS church he’d be running away with it. So I have to hand it to him for keeping the faith even though it’s hurting him.

    I believe that Romney can win the GOP nomination, but if he does he will lose the general election. Presidential elections are based on turnout. All of those Huckabee voters are going to stay home, they think it’s wrong to vote for someone who does not align with their theological views.

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