Posted by: Jay | May 14, 2009

Being open-minded

Great video about what being open-minded means.  It really makes you think about the conversations we have with people.  I think we are all guilty of being close-minded on occasion, it takes some self examination to recognize when we are.



  1. Great Video

  2. I LOVE this video. I posted it on Facebook a long time ago and it started a firestorm of debate.

  3. Jay,

    You checked into a blog the other day to leave a comment on and I decided to check into yours. First off I think what you are doing is great.
    I was raised lds all my life. I wasn’t the best of kids and kind of wild for quit some time but there came a time in my life that I wanted something more so I decided it was time to start reading the scriptures. Once I finished I started reading biographies on Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and to be honest was appauled at what I found.
    I realy like the way you set your blog up! The way that your are fair to both sides and bring up facts and not just anti-morrmon literature. Hang in there because life outside has so much to offer and it feels so free.


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