Posted by: Jay | February 24, 2009

It’s been awhile

After a rather long break I’m back.  For my own sanity I had to let Mormons talk go for a few months.  I’m interested in having more open conversations about tough topics.  It helps me to sort things out in my own mind and hopefully does the same for those that visit.

Sunday at the academy awards “MILK” won best original screenplay.  The screenwriter is openly gay and grew up Mormon.  He thanks his Mom for loving him even when it wasn’t popular and mentions how hard it was growing up in the LDS Church.  His speech is very moving, please take the time to watch it if you haven’t already.


So sad they took it down, hopefully you got to see it before it was lost.



  1. Welcome back! My son returned home from is Mission in Russia… 🙂

  2. Hey conventryrm! Glad to hear your son made it back.

  3. Great to see you back Jay and that Coventry RM’s son is back from a mission safe and well.

    It might take some time to get ‘wound’ up again and into the spirit of discussion on LDS matters. lol

    I’ve recently discovered Doris Hansons TV broadcasts on Polygamy. She fled a polygamous upbringing as a youth.

    cheers EJ

  4. YAH! I’m glad all of you are still around. I have seriously missed all of you! Isn’t that so weird, cause it’s just communicating (sp?) on the computer, but for some crazy reason I adore all of you! 🙂

    Since starting here on your blog Jay I have grown and changed SO much!

    Well, I just wanted to say “HI!” real fast and then I’ll start reading what I’ve missed.

    Hey has anyone heard from Bishop Rick?

  5. EJ,

    I checked out the link you attached. Interesting. I did hear several inaccuracies in the first video about Mormon doctrine (I tend to take people less seriously when they aren’t accurate), but I definitely understand how they feel.


    Wow, I didn’t know if I’d ever hear from you again. Every once in a while I checked out your blog. I’d love to know how you guys are doing over there in Nashville. In what ways you have grown? I hope you are doing well.

  6. I have been going through a lot of changes. I feel like my eyes are wide open for the first time and I see the world in a different light, (good and bad) It’s really hard to explain. I’m still figuring it out.

    Basically I was having a tough time at church. Some people kinda took away my perfect view of the church and my view of the members. I had some ladies become very critical of me, and it REALLY turned me away.

    Most of it was more of the cultural aspects of the church. So many people try to tie in the culture with doctrine. But for someone who is new and not raised in the church it is kinda hard to understand. Basically they ruined my happy go lucky out look on the church. BUT it has really made me think. I still love the LDS church, and I still think Mormons rock. It’s just a little different for me now.

    I kind of let my blog go because I just was beginning to feel like people are WAY too mean to each other, all over IDEAS. We are all entitilted to our own beliefs and opinions, and I was beginning to feel like I was trying to be RIGHT rather then be open minded and loving.

    Am I rambling? I hope this makes sense!

    Anyways…. you know some massive tornados came through here the other day, right behind my house. It was crazy. Also I joined the Air Force Guard. That is pretty crazy too 🙂

    Anyways, I am totally taking away from your blog, now that we are all caught up on me 🙂 let’s talk about where you are right now!!!!!

  7. Hi Jay and Steffie,

    I still can’t believe I spent my first six months in the LDS church excited that I may have stumbled on something ( ie The Truth ? lol) the next six months piecing together/understanding everything I was discovering online for the most part, and then the next 12 Months trying to continue attending the LDS church while having massive reservations and suspicions about the whole thing.

    Then I spend a year or two (so far at least) actively opposing and in my view ‘exposing’ the church’s claims.

    Now I have started to get on with other things again and have mostly left behind all my church experiences, though many were good and it is kind of sad in a way.

    For the first real time in my life I don’t think I even believe there is anything truthfull or significant about the bibles claims either and it felt like a terrible abyss at first.I can understand why people want to hang on and want to believe.

    I’ve decided that if God has anything to tell me then he can contact me directly.I trust that whoever he is, he is perfectly capable of this and in a manner that I would recognise his so called eternal Majesty and Glory.

    I don’t trust any ‘middle men’ who claim they have a message from God for me and it involves the following things for mine and my familys eternal welfare :

    1 Paying them Money or else suffer.
    2 Marrying (or having sex)with my wife (If I had one)or any other followers wives.
    3 Marrying (or having sex)with any daughters etc.
    4 Tell me I have to marry other mens wives and or daughters too or have holy sex for theirs and mines eternal welfare sake etc.
    4 Kill/Loot or Threaten someone because God said so.

    I’m not saying any of these are attributable to Joseph Smith, though I do notice these traits common amongst many leaders claiming to be sent from God.

    PS I know .. same old story .. 🙂

  8. EJ,
    I hope you’re doing well. I totally understand what you mean by not trusting “middle men”. Ultimately, the LDS Church teaches that you have the right to receive revelation for your self directly from God. I’m taking them at their word and exercising my right to personal revelation. My goal is to find peace and contentment with myself and not worry about what everyone else believes. My goal is to do that while respecting others beliefs. Sometimes that takes a lot more effort than others, but in the end I think it is the only way one can move in a positive direction. I hope you are also able to find peace of mind and soul as you live out your life.

  9. Did somebody say Bishop Rick?

  10. Hey BR! Nice to see you again. How’s it going?

  11. Jay-

    Welcome back, I had given up on you then randomly stopped by tonight. Look forward to future posts.


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